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6 Fun Holiday Activities Ideas for Kids

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holiday activities ideasKeep your kids busy with fun holiday activities ideas and save nerves so you can get something out of your holiday too.

Kids can get restless during the holiday season.

They are out of school for an extended period of time, and full of pent-up energy and excitement for the days ahead.

You are spending most of your time planning parties and shopping and sometimes run out of original ideas for keeping your kids busy and happy.

Fun holiday activities ideas – fun and activities for kids

The following 6 holiday activity ideas for children fit in nicely over the long school break. They also help you create memorable moments that can last a lifetime.

1 – Make a date … with your kids!

This is a very hectic time. Parties, shopping, planning, and madness seem to be the theme. Sometimes the vacation time whip right by, and you feel like you didn’t spend any quality time with your children. Plan ahead and that won’t happen.

Plan for a “date” with each one of your children individually. Spend a few hours or an entire day devoted to whatever that child wants to do. It’s just you (or both parents) and that one child. You may be surprised at the wonderful connection you make with each of your children when it is just you and them creating one-on-one vacation memories.

2- Holiday alphabet game

alphabet gameThis requires thinking power. It can work with very young children, old children, and even adults.

Whether it’s played on a vacation or any other event, the alphabet game is perfect.

Here is what you do. Give each player a sheet of paper with the letters A through Z written on the left side in a vertical column.

The idea is to write one holiday-themed word that is related to each letter in some way.

Creativity comes into play when words are listed which don’t seem to relate to the holiday in question. As long as your children can explain the connection, the word counts.

After a preset amount of time, the child or team with the most words wins.

3 – Play holiday word finder

This is such a simple but fun game you will be playing it all year long. It only requires paper, pens or pencils, and some brainpower. It works with young and old alike, and sometimes you are surprised at the answers you get. Here’s what you do.

Write down a list of common Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, or other holiday season words and phrases. The longer the better. Christmas is one of the obvious words you might use. Reindeer, snow, and gift-giving are other ideas. The mission is to find as many smaller words inside those words in a certain amount of time.

You can purchase an inexpensive timer or simply use the alarm application on your phone. For instance, you can find the words ‘poi’, ‘in’, ‘set’ and ‘inset’ in the holiday word Poinsettia. Everyone playing should start at the same time, receiving one point for each word they find. Play to a predetermined score.

4 – Play holiday-themed Charades

Charades is a fun game for kids and adults alike. It also sparks creativity, mental functioning, and motor skill development in children. With everyone else sitting, a player stands up to start the game. He or she chooses something they think everyone will be familiar with.

They then pantomime the chosen word or phrase, while everyone else frantically shouts out possible answers. The first person to guess the word or phrase correctly gets one point. You can play this game with many different themes, such as vacation, swimming, hiking, etc., and create fun memories.

5 – Make silly holiday photos

silly holiday photosEvery season you take photos of the family to share with your loved ones. Why not make this year’s holiday picture snapping session fun and memorable?

This is a lot of fun for kids and adults. Head down to the craft store and stock up.

Spend some time with your kids making ridiculous, comical backdrops and props. Dress accordingly, in holiday-themed clothing.

See who can create the silliest pictures and you might turn this creative photo session into an annual tradition.

6 – Play two truths and a lie

This is probably best with older kids. Each person takes turns relating three stories or memories. Two of them are true, and one is a lie. You can give this popular party game a seasonal twist in a number of ways.

For example, tell everyone to name their three most hated Christmas gifts. One would be false and 2 would be true. You can also do the same with best or worst holiday vacations or trips. If anyone can spot the fib they get a point, and you play to an agreed-upon score.


Some of these fun holiday activities ideas are based on tradition. Others definitely require “outside the box” thinking. The lesson here? Keeping your kids active and engaged during the holidays sometimes requires nothing more than remembering what worked last year.

In other cases, you have to think creatively. Use these fun holiday activities ideas listed above as guidelines that help you create your own special holiday memories.


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