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One creative method is called “process visualization.” Once you have had your goals set, you can think of your daily habits, behaviors, and the steps needed to get what you most want.

You have to write down these action steps and visualize them. You have to create the mental picture of the entire process, going beyond the thoughts of only the end result.

Some people even go to the point of visualizing their entire day, as they would want it to unfold. When the pictures are vivid, you will be neurologically preparing your brain to carry out the behaviors needed towards that end.

By giving yourself a goal, you are able to alter your attention and behavior, thus steering your dreams towards your way. It will be effective because it allows your body to adapt to the situation and somehow alter it to adapt to what you want.

The greatest mental power is your imagination. You are able visualize anything and add embellishments so that you can embellish your visions and add details that seem to go beyond what is normal.

For those who want to achieve something, you could even imagine your life as if it were in a movie set packed with all the special effects. Think 3D!

Here is why visualization work:

• It puts the subconscious on notice by saying “Here are my dreams, so help me achieve them.” The subconscious then sends creative ideas and amazing inspirations for you to do to bring you a step closer.

• You might tell your subconscious that you would like a car and all of a sudden, you start seeing these cars everywhere. An area in your brain has been activated and you are noticing lots of beautiful cars much like the one that you like. Visualization makes notice the things that once escaped your notice.

Visualization is like prayer. In totally unexplained, accidental, and coincidental ways, you attract the right people, the right situations, and the right resources. You may feel that you are living a charmed life.

• Visualization gets you enthused and excited because your subconscious starts believing that your dreams are coming true. You believe that your dreams are yours for the taking and so you are stirred to take action.

How To Make Visualization Work

The secret is that you have an amazing power within yourself that can bring about miraculous conclusions.

The power that you have has been known to cure incurable diseases, build billion dollar companies, create magnificent notes, paint masterpieces, and make a perfect home.

Visualization is the light switch that turns on this power. Anyone that has created anything worthwhile in their lives used this method, whether deliberately or instinctively. The ones that systematically use visualization consciously have created amazing success.

We all know who they are. They are world-famous athletes, the super rich, star entertainers, top salespeople, and almost anyone you can think of whom you believe has created a rather interesting life.

Visualization is such a powerful tool that it pays to practice and increase our visualization skills.


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