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Women, in particular, may have grown more used to the fluctuation because they experience it whenever they get their monthly cycle.

What men do not know or are not very conscious about is the health implications brought about by hormonal imbalance.

When your hormones are out of kilter, you may experience distressing and annoying symptoms such as depression, insomnia, panic attacks, memory loss, weight gain, pain, and several other discomforts.

Hormonal change can be brought about by age. What makes it worse is the lifestyle that you choose to lead. If you have been very active in keeping yourself fit and healthy, you may notice that aging may not be as bad for you as the others.

Hormones, in fact, are also affected by other factors. You may consume too much alcohol or may not be too concerned about what you take in. Your other health issues such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, or insulin imbalance may also affect how your body reacts to what it is going through.

Everybody is put at risk. Men and women alike may suffer the ill effects of hormonal imbalance. People often relate this problem to women, but as men age, their testosterone levels also fall while their estrogen levels rise.

In fact, an older man may have estrogen levels higher than that of an aging woman. In addition to these problems, they may also develop urinary problems, erectile dysfunction, and low sperm count.

Dr. Hotze – Hormonal Imbalance

If they are not too careful, they may have to deal with bigger problems such as cancer. It would be scary to make things reach this point. Early on, they need to do something about it before it is too late.

So how exactly do you maintain a balance in your hormone levels and keep them healthy?

You need to be smarter about your decisions. Choose the path of a healthier lifestyle and make sure you get enough rest and exercise.

Try to include vegetables in your daily meals and make sure you supply yourself with the vitamins and minerals you will need to get through the day. When your body is producing a healthy balance of hormones, you will feel and look better.

In fact, you will even look younger than your age. Your mind will always be alert so you can still stay on your feet even in the most hectic of days. Just like anybody else, your hormones function better with fewer toxins.

If your hormonal count is out of whack, you need to act on it immediately. You need to work on restoring your health so that you can still do most of things you enjoy doing.

People often think that the best solution would involve replacing hormones with artificial substitutes. This is not always the best answer because you may get the unhealthy side effects.

The best solution would be to always go the natural way. Opt for therapies to balance your hormones, just make sure to talk to an expert so that you will not damage your overall system.


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