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vitamin-dSo you wanted to know what is vitamin D.

There are popular facts actually about this particular vitamin.

For one, this is primarily obtained through the sunlight the light coming from the sun contains ultraviolet rays.

Such is the one that helps vitamin D to be produced on our skin. In the vitamin category, it belongs to soluble fats and at the same time, we can also get it through the foods that we eat.

Do not rely too much with the UV rays of the sun in getting vitamin D because it may be harmful to the human body.

Just so that you know, this vitamin helps to prevent the possibility of getting rickets most especially for the children.

If the body have healthy amount of this vitamin, it can prevent for the syndrome of Vitamin D deficiency. This is also called in medical term as the osteomalacia.


Learn how Vitamin D is absorbed by the body



More facts regarding what is vitamin D

It actually helps the body to build its self defense system. It was shown through various studies that when a person has enough vitamin D, it regulates the growth of the cell and its differentiation at the same time.

Meaning to say, the cell is determined in its category. This is also the vitamin that works through bone mineralization with the help of other minerals, vitamins and body hormones. So you see, they all work together hand in hand to have a healthy body.

Another thing also about vitamin D is the fact that it promotes healthy bone structure. It plays an important role in the blood level of our body as well as the amount of calcium that we have.

There are many functions and forms of vitamin D inside our body. There is the Calciferol which is known as the most active Vitamin D form.

vitamin-D-benefitsTo help convert its active form, the liver and the kidney are working together to make it possible.

After all, our body and our skin need this vitamin too.

While there are supplements that we people can take to have healthy amount of vitamin D, milk is ideally one of the best products to rely with.

There are also other such as the fatty fish that contains higher content of vitamin D.

If our skin will be exposed to the sunlight, it also gets the vitamins however the effectiveness of this process is during the early time of the day.

You can just add vitamin intake through your daily menu.

Now that you know some facts about what is vitamin D, may you find health source of which. Remember that if you take it through supplements, there are still recommended dosage to watch out.


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