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what is the definition of healthDo you want to know what is the definition of health according to the WHO or World Health Organization?

They said that it is a state of complete mental, social and physical well being of the person.

Also, it is not just the absence of infirmity or disease. If you will base it through their opinion, it is really right. It is true since the year that they mentioned in dates back 1948.

Even if in this generation, it is still right though they may have modified their definition.

Knowing what is the definition of health is associated with various disease such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer and diabetes as these are the increasing cases of disease in the world.

There are studies conducted but there appears no direct cure to be able to cure it if not relied to surgery and drugs as well.

That confusion that health is defined as the absence of sickness is because it is what people believe. In fact, even if you will ask someone on the street, they will tell you that it is how they define being healthy. There are even some people who believe that they are healthy despite the fact that they are taking medications or pharmacy drugs.

Health Talk: What Is the Definition of Health?

Though there are really people who are more conscious to their health and take refined diet, more people have adopted the western style diet. This kind of diet is loaded with sugar, chemical additives and sodium. This is actually a bad sign.

With poor choice of lifestyle, it leads for different diseases. It is also worse if the person maintains bad habits like alcohol and cigarette smoking at the same time. Sometimes people do not just feel to live longer because they are living with disease and pain that they are limited to do the things that they wanted.

What you may not be aware also is the fact that the foods that are now available in the supermarket lack minerals and vitamins which should suppose to be the things that our body needs.

There are also foods that are mass-produced, came from farms with soil that are sterilized. Meaning to say, the minerals are robbed for its growth. It may look good but it does not always promote for good health.

You may think that being sick is a part of our life. Of course, at some point we may experience it but the disease is not something that all people get. The medical establishments are working towards different projects in the aim to help people.

Remember that it is not really hard to do most especially if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The question of what is the definition of health answered by the World Health Organization is something to inspire people to restore the balance in their health.

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