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There are two measurements that are needed to be taken into account when one experiences blood pressure. We will know in this article what is normal blood pressure?

Basically, the first measurement is the systolic blood pressure and the second is diastolic. These are the two measurements that are recorded when reading the blood pressure.

The systolic blood pressure is recorded just as the heart pump out blood wherein the diastolic is taken between the beatings of the heart when it is in resting state.

If you wanted to know what normal blood pressure is, you need to have Sphygmomanometer or the tool used to measure the blood pressure. Many people are using this device either for home kits or the one that are used by nurses in the hospitals.

It comes with little air pump and the inflatable arm cuff at the same time. There are also some that gets their blood pressure in the station found in the supermarket. If you really just wanted to keep an eye with your health, it is helpful that you know your blood pressure.

Just as you read the results from the device, the number on the top left that you will see is the systolic pressure. Then the number on the right side is the diastolic or on the bottom. For example, you took 120/72.

Then that means that your systolic pressure is the 112 while your diastolic pressure is the 72 in number. Both of these pressures are very important.

What Is Normal Blood Pressure

The healthiest level of blood pressure is 119/79 most especially to the adults. This is what people should try to keep at a level while some may have 120/80. This is also normal just like the 129/84 blood pressure.

We can say that the person is in high-normal blood pressure starting from 130/85 and 139/89 as well. The medical staffs understood the fact that their patient has to pay close attention to their health if they reach the blood pressure of 140/90.

Ideally, one can take the blood pressure after getting from sleep or after walking around in the place for few hours. This is one of the best ways to get better reading. But remember, do not get the reading after you took intense physical activity because you can really expect that the results will not be in its normal level.

So, what is normal blood pressure? The answers are above. Do not worry if your blood pressure fluctuates as you check during the day. After all, there are a lot of activities that we are doing that we may feel having an increase of blood pressure.

May these all be helpful to your search for answer about your health.

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