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The question of what is health is actually important. At some point of your life you may have wondered about it and searched it too.

If you wanted to know about the complete answer, then the WHO or the World Health Organization has long given it to the public.

Since the year 1946, they have defined it in the well-being of the person in the aspect of social, mental and physical.

That means that it is not just the absence of disease to the person. Even if the definition almost says it all, the condition and the lives of people have evolved.

There are now different aspects that are connected to the health including the spiritual health and the emotional health. Now, let us take at the big picture about this issue.

For those with physical problems, mental problems or anything within the scope of our health, it is important to solve it right away. The most common thing that we do is by talking to our family member or to a friend in particular. 

This is a helpful way because we let the problem out. However, if the issue needs professional help like in physical problem, you know better way than to seek for such help.

Try to begin our thoughts with a healthy baby. Isn’t it that babies use their energy all day and eventually fall asleep during the night?

Do you think adults can do the same so that we can have better physical health? This is where our organs are functioning just well and we are not suffering from any physical pain.

So, what is health?

spiritual health It is defined as a state where the organs are functioning well. To be able to achieve that, we need to have good exercise routine, enough rest, and give our body good nutrients that it needs to achieve all throughout the day.

Now, let us go to the mental health. There are people who have failed at some point of their lives yet they continue to go on.

You will feel good of yourself if you have a healthy mental state just like people who feel healthy and happy altogether.

The next aspect considering to our question of what is health is the emotional side. Usually, happiness and gratitude goes together hand in hand.

If you wanted to have good emotional health, you will feel happy, grateful and you are also not afraid to interact with other people.

Social health on the other hand indicates that you can make friends with other people. It was proven scientifically that the person could recover faster if they are physically ill if they have someone to stay with or to comfort them.

Lastly, spiritual health influences everything or the overall health.


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