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What Is Gout in the Foot and its Symptoms?

Do you want to know what is gout in the foot? This is actually a form of arthritis that you find in the big toes.

This is very common for the men that are middle aged however women are not an exemption to this disorder. They can be affected as well in the same manner just as the men population does.

The gout is found on the joints of the body and it could such in the knees and the elbows as well. If you will compare this form of arthritis, this is not like any other that is uncontrollable. This one is 100 percent controllable from the supplementation and the right foods that one person is taking.

Let us know some of its known symptoms in the answer to our question of what is gout in the foot. As mentioned previously, this one appears in the joint of the big toe. The person may observe redness in the area that is affected with gout and it feels burning pain for the one who has it.

The slightest touch to it will bring pain to the person. As a matter of fact, some patients feel the torture kind of pain even just with the touch of a blanket. One way to reduce the pain is by taking Vitamin C supplements. It was found out in the 2009 study in the California that it will help to reduce the uric acid in the body in about 40 percent.

What Is Gout in the Foot?

So, if you know someone with this disorder, remember that the Vitamin C is such a powerful antioxidant for the pain they are feeling.

Another symptom that the patient will feel if he or she is suffering with gout is the heat. The big toe feels a little warmer if you will touch compared to the other areas in your foot. This is just the body natural response.

There are also some that observe their foot to get sweat because of the heat that it feels most especially if you are used with wearing socks.

If not through the supplement, one can get the vitamin c through the black cherry juice. Drinking one large glass of it in a day will sure help the person. Also, it was long proven to reduce the level of uric acid since it is high in antioxidant levels as well.

It will soon help your way to become gout free once you will avoid foods with high purine. Eventually, you can really help yourself to become gout free with these facts.

So now that you know facts of what is gout in the foot, you need to avoid for the main foods that causes for goat to appear. There are also other foods involved that should not be taken on daily basis.


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