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what causes lower back painThis is why most aged people suffer lower back pain because their ligaments are no longer as strong as when they were still young.

The thing is, old age is not the only reason why people suffer from lower back pains.

There are some other factors that lead to lower back pain. If you want to know what causes lower back pain, here are some things that you need to check out:

Injury is one of the most common causes of lower back pain. If you have had injury in the past, then you are more likely to suffer from lower back pain especially when your job would require you to lift heavy things.

What happens usually is that it causes strain, spasm or sprain in any of your ligaments or muscles that are found in your back. Make sure to avoid straining your spine so as to avoid suffering from lower back pain.

Another thing that causes lower back pain is when a person is suffering from a herniated disc which would usually occur when a person is into sports activities.

If you have suffered from some fractures in the past, then you are also likely to experience lower back pain. These fractures may be the result of some accidents.

Make sure to avoid straining your spine and avoid lifting heavy objects in order to avoid from suffering some lower back pain problems.

You can also suffer from lower back pain by reason of certain positions or movements. If you bend a lot or run a lot, then you would most likely be suffering from what they call the degenerative disc disease.

What Causes Lower Back Pain

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It sometimes carries chronic back pain that is why you have to consult a doctor to help you alleviate the pain.

Poor posture can also cause lower back pain. Make sure that you always stand up and sit up straight because people who have very poor posture are also expected to suffer from lower back pain.

In case you think that you cannot do anything with your bad posture, then getting a back brace might help you deal with the pain on your lower back because of your poor posture.

One thing that you might not believe which also causes back pain is constipation. This is when a person is suffering from an irregular bowel movement or a person is having a hard time removing bowels which would sometimes lead to hard stools.

This can also lead to lower back pain so you need to make sure to cure your constipation first so you can also cure your lower back pain.

Now that you know what causes lower back pain, it is up to you if you consider these things in case you would suffer from having lower back pain in the future.


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