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Those are the people who have not done it and have no intention of pushing themselves to limits of muscle failure and long endurance sessions.

Weight lifting over 40 is a reality – both for those who have never lifted and those who have been lifting and body building since they were 15. Is it a bit more difficult?

Everything over 40 is a bit more difficult. It is harder to maintain a nutritious diet because of the stressors in our lives; hard to lose weight because of our slowed metabolism; and now hard to build muscle for the same reasons.

But not impossible.

As we grow older the ability of our body’s to grow muscle also slows, but it does not stop.

A sufficient amount of exercise and motivation will keep an athlete in shape but those who want progressive muscle growth must train with aggression while retaining common sense.

The athlete weight lifting over 40 should not be intimidated by the over 40 talk or the younger than 30 guys at the gym

It will defeat you before you are 41. Secretly they are wondering if they will have the fortitude to be in the gym when they are 40!

As with any other program, you should have a medical check up to ensure that you are healthy enough to attempt a rigorous weight lifting program. Your doctor will be able to find any underlying issues that may impact your new regimen.

Once you begin to pack on the muscles there may be a point where you must lay off for a short time, such as an illness or family vacation. Medically speaking, you lose muscle for each day you remain completely inactive.

However, since you are not inactive the muscle loss you can see will depend upon the quality and quantity of your muscle, as well as your genetic background.

The amount of muscle loss can be shortened when you train consistently or aim to do at least partial workouts, or even fewer workouts each week. It requires less time and energy to maintain muscle than to gain it. So work to maintain during times when you may have otherwise been forced to lay off.

As with any other age group, weight lifting over 40 requires added protein to your diet. Many body builders and weight lifters enjoy the use of protein additives or supplements. However, metabolism at 40 is not what it used to be as a kid so the caloric intake must be scaled back a bit.

That said, you can obtain the majority of your protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids from a well-rounded nutritious diet that contains no hydrogenated oils, white flour or unnecessary fats. Eat as strongly as you train for muscle development and repair.

Weight lifting over 40 may seem like a personal development skill but there are others who compete as body builders well into their 70’s. The body can grow into the 50’s so starting at 40 is not too late.

To begin weight lifting over 40 you must act like a kid with an adult brain

Revive your curiosity about learning and include a playful spirit. Have fun, find a good teacher and trust your efforts. However, do not charge forward into an injury!

You may find that you can begin your exercise program by power walking through the neighborhood to develop a base of good cardiovascular training. As you go further, you may include some jogging. Practice smart eating and get good amounts of rest.

Once your cardiovascular workouts become easier and easier you may want to join a gym to gain access to a personal trainer. Consider this a wise investment since lifting weights without supervision often leads to injury and muscle aches.

Lifting takes a concerted effort and knowledge, none of which you are born with. Take the advice of the personal trainer and learn how to lift properly before moving on to lifting more.

When you begin, you do not want to neglect any part of your body, including your psychological motivation. In the gym you may want to begin with your legs since, due to the large amount of muscle mass in this area, this will help to move more blood through your system and you will grow and respond accordingly.

Throw in some good upper-body work each week and you will be happy with the results.

But do not ignore your motivation, which stems from the reason ‘why’ you are pursuing this goal over 40. Figure this out, write it down, remember it when you are tired, and your muscles are being worked to exhaustion in the gym.

Remember it when you pass up the dessert table and forgo the beer with the people. And remember the reason ‘why’ when you also pass up your friends as they can’t manage to crawl up the flight stairs that you are taking two at a time.


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