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There are many different options from diets, to supplements to exercise programs. The basic idea that always works is a negative calorie balance.

This means you eat less than you burn.

Research has shown that if you incorporate exercise into your weight routine your chances of success have increase.

Walking for weight loss is a gentle and non-threatening way of fitting in exercise to a lifestyle that has not thus far used it.

Some find the thought of exercise totally debilitating. Watching others sweat profusely while pumping iron, running or doing aerobics is enough to make them turn and walk away.

However, one of the greatest, simplest and most convenient type of exercise does not require sweating, extra equipment or a gym. Walking meets the goals of exercise in a weight loss program while gently easing you into a program to improve your overall fitness and trim your waistline.

Walking is something we do each day – but to learn walking for weight loss fitness is different from the standard walk around the block. For example, walking should be a sustained activity over 30 minutes.

You will most likely be walking outside, although mall walking is just as effective and sometimes more social.

Doing sustained walking, with arms swinging and blood moving faster than the sound of sludge, can sometimes place more stress on joints and muscles if you change your regular gait.

Walking for Weight Loss whatever the weather

Keep in mind that you will need some supportive shoes since you will be putting miles on your feet. Be sure they have support and cushion. Although it might be tempting, do not use those old sneakers in the back of the closet.

Save them for mowing the lawn or wading through mud puddles. Include a thick pair of socks to add to the cushion and prevent blisters.

Wear some loose fitting clothing so your arms and legs are not restricted. You might feel you look better in tighter clothing but thinking about tightening the abdominal muscles the entire time you are walking will decrease your enjoyment of the exercise.

And no one continues doing what they do not like doing.

Walking for weight loss is inexpensive, peaceful and can be quite fun when you do it with friends and support partners.

Even when you walk alone research shows that many creative and inventive solutions to problems have been found while gently increasing the blood flow to the brain and remaining quiet and calm – the perfect description of walking for weight loss.

If walking cannot be done with friends or a support partner then use music to continue to keep you motivated. Walking for weight loss with music helps to pass the time along more quickly and take your mind off the task at hand.

The new anti skip technology in CD’s and MP3 players makes the process even easier. Use a good pair of headphones since they will be in your ears for at least 30 minutes each day.

Walking for weight loss with a cell phone does not make good sense

You may be tempted to talk for those 30 – 45 minutes but will also be increasing the amount of radiation to which you are exposed each day.

Using a cell phone also decreases your awareness of your surroundings, which means you will not hear as many cars or see as many obstacles. You will also be tempted to walk slower so you do not sound out of breath.

Walking should be an activity you enjoy and continue. Pace yourself so you are comfortable. You want to be slightly out of breath so you are increasing your metabolism, but not so out of breath that you can’t hold a conversation.

Enjoy your time out of the house and away from other obligations to clear your mind and increase your motivation.

You will find you are more productive in less time while achieving your weight loss goals. Walking for weight loss is the best.

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