Does Chocolate Cause Acne?

Does chocolate cause acne formation and breakouts? The easy response is no, acne breakouts are in a roundabout way triggered by our meal. The myth if does chocolate cause acne have been circling around in the past few years, but there’s always been the fact that chocolate and greasy meals lead to acne, but no […]

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How Does Exercise Help Acne Prevention?

Many people are complaining from having acne breakouts, which is why a lot of people are looking for the best medicines to help them get rid of it. We all know that acne is brought about by the overproduction of Sebum. This is that oily substance which is naturally secreted by the skin. Bacteria can […]

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The Truth on What is Acne

Many are wondering what is acne and how do they appear. From a normal skin, an acne would simply pop out of nowhere. Nonetheless, there can be several of reasons why acne occurs but none can really pinpoint into what really causes it. Basically, acne is a condition when the skin gets inflamed making way […]

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