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SweatBlock AntiperspirantDealing with excessive sweating is a problem that a lot of people have.

It can cause embarrassment as well as social anxiety.

In many cases, besides causing damp spots on your clothing, it can also cause odor.

But there are products that can effectively treat excessive sweating so that you don’t have to deal with it.

SweatBlock Antiperspirant is a product that stop the sweating and give you back your confidence.

Unlike regular antiperspirants, this one is made with the ability to control your hyperhidrosis for as long as a week at a time.

By treating the sweating, you can resume your life as it was before you noticed that you had the problem.

The product can prevent you from having to put up with soaked underarms and sweat-stained clothing in that area with a simple use. The product is designed to go to work fast and offers you all day protection for excessive sweating.




Reduce sweat up to 7-days per use   >> See Details


You may be someone who has used a number of products for your problem and you’re feeling a little skeptical about whether or not something else could truly work. The product offers assurance through their money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

For each time that you use the product, you’ll get 7 days of complete protection. You’ll be able to stop leaving sweat stains on your clothes. You can even wear colors that you may have avoided in the past out of fear of noticeable sweating.

You can feel confident and go about your day without worrying about sweat. The product is designed to help various types of hyperhidrosis caused by medical issues such as menopause, anxiety performance and more.

Whatever the cause of your excessive sweating, you’ll benefit from regular use of the product. Using it’s pretty easy to do. Right before you climb into bed, wash and dry underneath your arms.

Place one of the towelettes from the package under your arm and gently press it to your skin. Make sure that you don’t swipe it on like deodorant because it’s not meant to be used that way.

Let the product dry on your skin without trying to wipe at it. Once it’s dry, you can go to sleep. SweatBlock Antiperspirant will work overnight to treat your overactive sweat. After waking up, you can feel free to take a shower or bath and apply your normal deodorant.

The package contains 8 towelettes and each of these works to keep you dry for a week. So you get about a two months’ supply in one box.


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