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At the same time, you must change the way you look at aging. There is a certain catch 22 with the process of getting older.

When you stop thinking about aging as a sort of death sentence, that is also the time when you get to feel better about yourself.

When you are happy with where you are in life, your emotions will manifest themselves physically. Happy people tend to look younger because they do not let age get in the way of their experience.

After all, what is age anyway?

When you really look at it, it is just numbers, no more, no less. In fact, your physical age can be very different from your actual body age. What this means is, when you take care of yourself well, you can once again be the active youth you once were.

Laughter is something that should be practiced everywhere. When you learn to see the brighter side, you will realize that extremely stressing over something is not worth your time.

When life just gets too tough, it is better to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Take time out for your friends and relish in those little moments. When you learn the value of laughter, you will see that being active is so much easier.

The skype laughter chain

As you go through life, you may experience some problems.

Sometimes, you will have to even deal with things that are just too difficult.

When you give up, you are letting the situation control you. You eventually become jaded, and that is when you age beyond your years.

Effective use of humor in life because you will see that you can cope with any situation if you just learn to take things a step at a time.

So, is laughter good for you?

It most definitely is. Laughing your way to health is very much possible. This is the best medicine you can have during the most difficult times.

When you really think about it, laughter is one lifestyle choice you can make to make your life so much better. The best part is, it does not cost you anything, not a dime.

Happiness is the best cure for aging because it increases your levels of endorphins.

If you googled the word, you will realize that these are natural painkillers. And when you feel good inside, you will also be able to translate this outside.

If you laugh aloud a lot, you will see a lowering in your blood pressure. You can now kiss anxiety goodbye with just a few hearty chuckles. Remember, you have to do your part to take care of your body. 

When things just get too tough to handle, ask yourself this: Is anything worth your life? The answer would most likely be a no.

Learn to reduce stress and ease muscle tension just by being happy. Share your happiness and make it spread like a disease. If the world worked this way, you will definitely see that age is what you feel on the inside and not the number of years you have lived.

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