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Pure Tea Tree Oil ShampooWhen your head starts itching or you notice flakes of dandruff on your shoulders, that can be irritating and distressful – especially if you experience a lot of either one.

Dandruff is a fairly common condition and when most people get it, they just run to the store and buy whatever shampoo product there is that claims to treat the condition.

The good news is that those other products do treat it.

The bad news is that, unlike Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, it’s only a temporary reprieve because the itching and the dandruff will come back at some point.

This is why doctors sometimes have to prescribe medication to treat dandruff.

Because dandruff is caused by a fungus and those flakes you see are actually patches of dry skin coming off of your scalp.

The ingredients in Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo work to stop the flaking because they kill the fungus. On top of that, the product can give you much wanted relief from the constant itching.





The shampoo doesn’t simply treat the condition – it heals it so that your scalp is returned to optimal health. Many dandruff shampoos will actually damage your hair, especially when you have a beauty routine that includes using things like a dryer or a curling iron.

But this shampoo keeps your hair safe even from heat exposure. You can use it even if you have hair that’s been dyed or permed. The product calms the irritation and makes your hair feel soft and luxurious. Best of all, it’s not going to give you that overdone, dried out look.

You can use the shampoo even if you have sensitive skin, so it’s safe for kids to use, too. And if you or your children catch lice from school or work, it can even safely treat that.

But you don’t end up with the ingredient sulfate which isn’t that good for your hair and it can contribute to your dandruff problem. This product is guaranteed to not contain sulfate, which most shampoos do.

Sulfate can cause dry hair, itchy scalp and damage to normal hair – but especially to dyed hair. Tea tree oil is a natural anti-fungal agent that can kill easily stop the fungus that’s causing your scalp ailments.

While it does that, it will also rehydrate your hair leaving it soft and shiny. You might be someone who’s experience thinning hair or hair loss that’s not even related to your scalp ailment.

The good news is that if you are experiencing those problems, this product can also help with that. It’s known to help promote hair growth. Tea tree oil also smells fantastic, unlike many of the over the counter dandruff shampoos.

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