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exercise for kidsMany parents are concerned about how to get their kids more involved in activities that will help them to get the exercise they need to be healthy.

A great way to get children moving is by promoting partner exercise for kids to keep them motivated and to have fun.



Exercise for kids – many people are  concerned with actual exercises

Many people are too concerned with actual exercises and sports that involve the child, instead of letting the kids just be active in a way that they find fun and will want to take part in.

Some great ways to get kids moving with one or more partners include a number of games that every child has likely already played at one time or another.

• Tag – Any game of tag, including freeze tag and regular tag, will get the children moving and they will have fun doing it.

• Hide-and-seek – The kids can hide and will be running around trying to find each other.

• Races – Let the kids have a sack race, or tie their legs together for a fun three-legged race that is sure to have them laughing as much as exercising.

• Team or partner sports – Sign the child up for any sport that requires teams or partners to keep them motivated. Tennis, soccer, hockey, badminton – any sport that gets them moving and has them with a teammate or partner will offer them the advantage of having someone else to exercise with.

• Kick a ball back and forth. Simply kicking a soccer ball back and forth with a friend can give a good workout.

• Game of catch. Throw a ball back and forth and make a game of it.

• Yoga

Aerobics Exercise For Kids



There are many activities that a child can take part in with a partner, which will help them to keep motivated to continue with, and that can help to offer them security if they are nervous about joining alone.

Dance classes, swimming lessons, and many other activities can be joined with a friend to help the child get the exercise they require.

Unfortunately, today’s society has brought forth so many modern conveniences that there are many children who are simply not taking part in the activities they need to get enough exercise.

There are many things that a parent or caregiver can do to encourage children to go out with a friend or group to get the much needed exercise. Have the kids go out and try some of the following ideas with a friend.

• Build a fort

• Treasure hunt

• Ride a bike

• Make up a game

The ideas are endless for children to be getting the exercise they need. Even if they do not have a friend they can use as a partner for exercise, if they have a pet, they can use them.

Walk the dog or have races with them. A pet will always be a willing partner for exercise with their favourite child.

There are many ways to include partner exercise for kids into their daily lives, and with a little creativity, they will be having so much fun, it will not even feel like exercise.

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