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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is defined as a model of interpersonal communication concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences.

In layman’s terms, this means that it is possible for you to alter the way you think about a situation and an experience.

You are able to improve the way you handle things, which then can lead to having a profound effect on your life. You are able to overcome fears, build self-confidence, improve relationships and achieve greater success in your life.

NLP basically teaches you to understand an individual better. Once you learn the technique of understanding human nature beyond speech, you will learn and understand the facts behind a person’s veneer.

The connection between law of attraction and NLP is that while law of attraction tells you to attract, NLP is the technique to do that.

The law of attraction consists of three steps:

Conceive or Ask:  State your intention for a certain outcome. Then make a course of action. Believe in it to achieve it, and this is where NLP makes a great tool in manifesting the law of attraction.

NLP works at dispelling your subconscious beliefs clearing the clutter in the inner recesses of your mind.

Believe: NLP helps you believe in your own power. It reprograms your mind and makes you trust in your ability to successfully manifest whatever it is you wish for.

Achieve: NLP makes you believe in your capabilities. You are able to realize that you are competent enough to do anything you want.


The law of attraction demands that you visualize your outcome and focus on the positive.

NLP focuses on the positive vibrations that you create. You learn how to visualize your dreams and desires so that they become your reality. NLP and the law of attraction will not work without each other.

So to speak, the law of attraction concentrates on the principle while NLP focuses on the methods you will use to achieve the principle.

By nature, humans are hampered by their fears. NLP is a way of dealing with these barriers. The techniques used in NLP come in the form of hypnosis. It is a way of consciously or subconsciously helping you in your achievements.

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After all, change can only occur if your mind is completely convinced. The most potent thing in the world is your will power, and if you decide on something, then nothing can hold you back.

NLP helps in bringing positivity in the individuals who do not have it. It helps enhance your sense of attainment. What is needed is for you to believe in yourself and suspend all your fears.

You should never stop dreaming big, and so it is important to keep telling your subconscious how important that dream is. It believes that you can achieve anything you want if you apply your mind to it.


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