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low back pain muscleLow back pain can be caused from osteoporosis changes, disc degeneration, muscle strains and sprains and overuse injuries from lack of strength.

The muscles of the low back give the power and strength for activities we take for granted every day, such as standing, walking and lifting. The ligaments of the low back act to provide support and stability.

The most common to the athlete and young person is the low back pain muscle pull from athletic activities or twists and turns in other activities. Other common reasons are trauma and muscle imbalances.

The latter also have a negative impact on posture and alignment of the pelvis sometimes causing a curvature of the spine. This misalignment will increase the strain on the joints and muscles in the back causing low back pain muscle pulls.

An important factor to remember is that baring a significant traumatic injury these types of muscle pulls or injuries do not happen overnight. You may feel the symptoms quickly but the condition developed over time as the muscles, ligaments and joints in your back became weakened from the misalignments.

A sprain of the lower back, or muscle pull, can happen when a sudden forceful movement injures a ligament that is weak through poor conditioning or overuse.

The most common reasons for lower back muscle pulls are poor conditioning, improper use of the back muscles, obesity and smoking.

Another process that affects the strength of the lower back is the aging process.

Although you cannot halt this process, you can slow the changes through regular exercise, avoiding smoking, knowing the proper way to use your back when lifting or exercising and proper nutrition to feed your back the proper nutrients to build strong muscles.

People who suffer lower back pain muscle pulls have distinctive pain that results from the muscle and ligament stiffness and tenderness. When there is not obesity present, an examination may also reveal swelling and heat.

Exercises for Lower Back Muscle Strain


back pain exercises

The pain often limits the ability of sufferer to move smoothly, walk straight and get up and down from chairs or a bed.

Treatment of your lower back muscle pull begins with diagnosis by your doctor or orthopedic surgeon. Your doctor will use a thorough history and examination to determine the extent of the injury and what rehabilitation will be recommended.

If your doctor suspects that your muscle pull or ligament damage also involves joints or disc degeneration he may order an MRI to determine the extent of the damage and recommend the correct rehabilitation.


Treatment of a lower back pain muscle pull is sometimes begun with bed rest

However, a Finnish study showed that those who started treatment with bed rest over 3 days had backs that were stiffer, had less flexibility and had a longer recovery period than those who did not use bed rest at all.

Your doctor will also order anti-inflammatory medications to help decrease the inflammation and speed the ability of the muscle to heal, as well as decrease the pain of the muscle pull.

Once the initial pain and discomfort has resolved you will be involved in a rehabilitation program that increases the strength of your lower back.

Studies have shown that by improving the strength of those muscles you will decrease the likelihood that you will suffer from this injury again.

In a Danish study researchers found that not only was strengthening exercises important but also improving the coordination of those muscles in your back.

They found that when exercises that stressed the coordination of these muscles was incorporated into the rehabilitation program patients did better and had less chance of a recurrence of the injury.

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