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be smartHowever, lots of people, especially pregnant women, ask the question “is back pain a sign of labor?”, since they want to know if it is time for them to go to the hospital when they are already due and experience pain in the back.

Women who are about to give birth experience lots of pain in different parts of their bodies; and, one of which is at their back.

Although back pain is really not uncommon when pregnant women have contractions, they are bothered more of the lingering pain in the back even after the contraction is gone.

Through research, it is said that this type of pain occurs to about 25 percent of labors and childbirths.

There are a number of possible causes that can cause back pain during labor. However, one of the causes that lots of doctors think about is the position of the baby inside the mother’s womb.

This type of position that can cause back pain to the would-be mother is usually called Occiput Posterior Position, which is also referred to by doctors as OP. In the OP position, the baby is said to be facing the pubic bone of the mother.

When the baby is positioned like this, the harder part of his skull is actually resting on the bony part of his mother’s spine, which causes the pain.

Thus, when the mother is experiencing pain in the back during labor, a doctor may prescribe certain methods to get the baby to change positions.

Aside from the position of the baby though, the position of the mother during labor can also cause back pain.

The good news though is that, most of the methods that are used to let the baby change his position will not make mothers feel uncomfortable when they are being applied.

Is Back Pain A Sign Of Labour Starting – Relieve It


how to deal with back pain

In fact, some women in labor would actually feel good while they are applied. Some of the methods that can be followed when it comes to this would include Counter Pressure, Pelvic Tilts, Hands and Knees, and other tools.

It is best to go with the doctor’s recommendation though on what type of method should be applied, to be on the safe side.

If you are accompanying your wife at the hospital and she is feeling intense back pain during labor, it is best that you make the doctor aware of it, so that proper measures are observed.

Aside from that, you should also take note of some steps on how to comfort your wife while in labor, so as to alleviate the pressure that she is experiencing.

Some of the things that you can do is to apply cold compress at her neck or face, help her change positions, and use a heat pad to her lower back.

 So is back pain a sign of labor?

Yes it is; therefore, it is best that you have already prepared all the things for the birth of your child, so that you can simply immediately step out of your house when your wife starts to feel the signs.



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