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irritable bowel syndromeIBS, known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is a condition that millions of people have to deal with.

You can develop the syndrome as an adult or as a young person.

While it’s not a condition that can shorten your life, it’s certainly one that can significantly alter it.

When you’re dealing with the symptoms, it can make you have to stay home instead of being able to be at work or out in public.

Many people find that they have to change their life drastically to deal with the side effects of having IBS.

The condition has some widely known symptoms that can range in variation and level of discomfort, depending on your type of IBS.

One of the most common symptoms the condition can give you is diarrhea.

This can come on suddenly and be explosive as well as causing you to not be able to control your bowels. This diarrhea can last for between forty-eight hours to four days in length before it begins to abate.

How the symptoms affect you will depend on the type of IBS that you have and the condition can affect each person who has it differently. On the flip side of having to deal with diarrhea, you can have constipation if you have IBS.

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This constipation can be as long lasting as the diarrhea. Some people have what’s known as a combination of both diarrhea and constipation and this is known as mixed or combination IBS.

You’ll experience days where you’ll have diarrhea followed by bouts of constipation. Through this struggle, another symptom that you might have to deal with is pain. Many people who suffer with the condition talk about the abdominal cramping that they experience.

This cramping can get flare up every time you eat – especially if you have a big meal. Sometimes, this cramping will ease off after a bout of diarrhea or normal elimination. Most people who have the various types of IBS also have to deal with abdominal bloating.

This bloating can be mild or pronounced to the point that your abdomen will look as if you’re pregnant or have a beer gut. Having gas and gas pains is common with IBS and you’ll discover that holding onto that gas can acerbate the cramping and pain.

The condition can also affect the size and length of your stools, depending on whether you have the constipation or diarrhea symptoms. Treatments for the condition depends on the symptoms that you have.

If you’re experience pain, cramping or abdominal bloating, you can use a product that soothes gas and bloating in order to find relief. You can use supplements or medications that restore the healthy balance of bacteria within the intestines and you can also use activated charcoal, which is known to not only stop gas, but to prevent it and the abdominal pain that goes along with it.

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