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Aerobic classes continue to gain in popularity as the options continue to expand. During most aerobic classes the instructor, or video, incorporates music to improve motivation and energy levels of the participants.

The options for aerobics now includes kickboxing, dancing, step, special classes for the elderly or maternity, high impact and low impact.

Videos and classes have come a long way from the Jane Fonda workouts of the early 80’s.

And with those changes come different techniques and basics that should be learned before moving on to more technically difficult routines.

How to aerobics is a process that can be learned at home with a video/DVD or at a gym with an instructor. But whichever method suits your individual needs the number of excuses to not get exercise declines rapidly each year.

There are videos and classes for beginners to this brand of workout that make how to aerobics easier to learn and incorporate into a routine.

These can be cost effective since the DVDs do not usually cost more than $25.00 or give an added social benefit when taking classes with an instructor. Most places also offer childcare.

The number and variety of classes and DVDs available can be completely overwhelming but it is important to learn the basics of how to aerobics before jumping into salsa dance aerobics or kickboxing.

Starting a program too quickly will increase your risk of sore muscles and injury.

But doing the same thing over and over again will also increase your boredom. If you are looking for some good DVDs or videos to do at home, and vary your routine, checkout Amazon or Ebay.

Most of the time you can find low cost DVDs to increase the number of tapes in your aerobic library – increase your motivation, interest and likelihood that you’ll continue to workout consistently.


Incorporating aerobics has advantages

how to do aerobics exercises at homeThere is no need to worry about the weather, wearing special clothing when working out at home, or expensive equipment. Good instructors are motivating and keep the participants moving toward their goals and you can exercise in private if you want.

Using aerobic videos does have a downside however. As motivating and energetic as the instructor may be the DVD has to make it into the player and the television turned on before you get the benefits of all her energy.

Unless you are very self-motivated, aerobic videos may be an option that should be left until you are further along in a program.

Before starting any exercise program, it is to your advantage to consult with your doctor. Talk with them about the exercise routine you have planned and be sure that it fits with your individual health needs and current fitness level.

Exercising under medical supervision is important but essential if you have any type of heart disease, diabetes, are a smoker, are highly stressed or obese.

Most people do not consider their eyes when they are starting an exercise routine. But an eye examination will help determine if there are retinal problems. Retinal detachment is a risk when there are risk factors and you are also lifting any type of weights or doing aerobic activity.

This should never be a reason to stop exercising but rather a reason to ensure that you are doing exercises that are beneficial to the whole body.

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