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The lifestyle of children and young adults have undergone an enormous change over the past 2 decades.

Television, computers and video games have replaced physical fitness and many schools have lost enough funding that Physical Education classes are a thing of the past. Children are becoming more overweight each decade and adults are following suit.

Fitness and exercise seems to have taken a backseat to video games, computers, and television. In the place of fitness came obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

But with today’s technological advances in research into the ability of the child’s body and equipment which can be brought into the home there has been a surge in the manufacture of exercise equipment for children.

One piece of equipment is the rebounder. This looks like a trampoline for one that has a handle to hold on to for balance. The rebounder is not always safe for women over 40 but for children it is a great exercise they can do in the house on rainy days. NASA uses them and states they are one of the most efficient and effective exercises.

Exercise equipment for children can be simple or more complex pieces. They can be expensive or very cheap. The choices are not really about the expense but rather about how to get the kids excited about moving and working their muscles and bodies.

Movement will help to improve their muscle strength, endurance and maintain a healthy body weight. Exercise habits that are developed as children will help them as adults to prevent diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and a myriad of other immune mediated illnesses.

Jump roping is a great exercise for children that requires a simple piece of equipment that can actually be made from a piece of rope. Children also enjoy using a balance board. This is a small board with a ball underneath. The child will stand on the board and try to balance the board so the sides do not touch the floor.

Exercise Equipment for Kids – Benefits of Rebounding

New equipment has also hit the market that mimics the style and motion of some of the equipment available for adults but on a smaller scale.

These include a moonwalker junior that resembles a large triangular piece of equipment where the child is on pedals that move forward and backward without weight bearing.

The difference is that they are made the size of an elementary age child and not the size for a teen or adult.

Other machines that are made for children are treadmills, semi-recumbant bikes, rowing machines and elliptical trainers.

These machines are good for children who live in environments where they are not able to be outside frequently or they are not interested in sports or playing outside. Sometimes children enjoy using a piece of equipment that is the same as their parents, side by side.

It does not matter which piece of equipment that is chosen for the children. More importantly is that the child has been cleared for an exercise program by their pediatrician and that they just get out there and do it!

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