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Acne is something that bothers lots of people all around the world today.

It usually affects teens in both genders, as well as men and women who are already into their thirties and forties.

It is a skin problem that is embarrassing due to the fact that it affects the looks of a person.

Aside from that, it is also annoying since acne problems can cause itchiness and sometimes pain to the individuals afflicted by it.

There are many possible causes behind every acne infection. However, many people today wonder if the male hormone testosterone is the main culprit behind it. Therefore, many individuals ask the question “does testosterone cause acne?”, especially when lots of acne treatment products are made to balance the hormonal levels of a person.

The truth is, as mentioned on top, there are lots of possible causes of acne, and testosterone is just one of them. It should be noted though that it is the imbalance levels of testosterone that causes acne, and not the fact that one has it, since it is a hormone that is normally found in every person in varying levels.

When you dig deeper about acne infection, the main culprit that causes it is the overproduction of oil by the oil glands in your skin. In normal conditions, these oil glands will produce just enough amounts of oil in order to keep your skin hydrated, and provide it with adequate protection.

However, when there is overproduction of oil, then it causes acne to occur.

When there is too much oil in your skin, it will eventually clog up your skin pores, which can encourage the building up of bacteria and dirt. This will lead to acne, since your skin will become irritated, which is shown by the inflammation.

Does Testosterone Cause Acne?




The overproduction of oil is often caused by the abnormal levels of the male hormone either in a woman or a man’s body.

This is actually the very reason why acne infection is usually observed in male and female teens, in which their hormones are still trying to achieve their normal levels.

Aside from that, since it is at teenage years when hormones begin to develop more, there is always a tendency for testosterone to become excessive, which will lead to the occurrence of acne.

Many people may wonder why they still get affected by acne, when they are already adults. In this case, it should be noted that even adults experience hormonal imbalances. For example, many people experience it when they go through periods of stress. Aside from that, when women go through their monthly periods, their hormones are also affected by it, which can lead to having bouts of acne.

So, does Testosterone cause Acne?

It sure does, especially when it reaches more than its normal levels. Thus, some of the best products to consider for it are those that are aimed at balancing the levels of hormones in the person‘s body.

Aside from that, healthy practices like drinking lots of water, getting enough rest and exercise, as well as eating healthy foods would help a lot in preventing acne, since it can maintain the normal balance of hormones in your body.

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