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The Cybergenics workout program comes with nutritional supplements and an intense training program manual that can be challenging.

The program is based on bringing the muscle to exhaustion but decreasing recovery with the use of the supplements, which then allows the body to recover more quickly and train much harder.

The Cybergenics workout plan includes the requirement of a specific amount of protein for your body size and desired amount of work. If you are a vegetarian, you can substitute the common sources of red meat, cheese and milk with beans, tofu and raw almonds.

Although it is possible to do the program while being a vegetarian, it is not advisable to become a vegetarian during the program.

The Cybergenics workout program comes with a Quick Trim plan and menu’s which are simple and limit the number of food choices

The program believes that this makes it easier to follow the eating portion of the program. Although there is a bit of flexibility the Cybergenics company also advises to stay as close to the planned menu as possible. The food choices, exercise programs and supplements all work together for the best possible results.

Although the menu is pretty rigid in the Cybergenics workout program, you are able to use different fresh and dried herbs, spices and seasonings for extra flavor. Another concern of people, especially women, who use the program, is the potential for decreased calcium intake.

Does Cybergenics bodybuilding course really work?



However, there is such a variety of vegetables with calcium content that is easily absorbable that this should not be an issue.

Broccoli and green leafy vegetables are all high in easily absorbed calcium. The Cybergenics workout program brings those three areas of supplements, nutrition and exercise to bear against building large amounts of lean muscle.

When you first chose your Cybergenics workout program you can chose between the option of a 60-day Total Bodybuilding Program, a six-week program for body sculpting, or a six-week Mega Weight Loss program.

The choice is yours, depending upon your goals, your current state of health and your current weight.

The 60-Day program advertises they contain seven state of the art supplements, a DVD to illustrate the techniques and a training manual. The Six-week bodybuilders program is for those who want to have a more sculpted look.

With this, you will get an instructive video, comprehensive training manual and five nutritional supplements. And the 6-week Mega Weight Loss Program is a complete package for everything you need to lose fat. This package includes four supplements, an audio tape, measuring charts and a detailed manual.

On the negative side, the Cybergenics workout program is not forthcoming about the ingredients before purchase.

The program isn’t very clear about the amount of time needed for the exercise portion of the program although it is clear that exercise and supplements are very important to gaining positive results from the program as it is outlined.


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