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what causes hemorrhoidsNo one really likes to talk about them because hemorrhoids are related to one of the body functions that people find embarrassing to deal with.

On top of that, they can be painful, which is usually what causes most people to seek some form of discreet treatment.

The reasons that hemorrhoids develop are numerous, but all have the same underlying factor – which is pressure on the area.

Your anal canal contains veins and whenever these veins are strained in any way, it can cause hemorrhoids to develop.

Your bathroom habits are the most common cause of this irritating health issue. If you experience trouble going to the bathroom because of constipation, the struggle to eliminate can cause the veins to begin to bulge.

Because of constipation, you might stay on the toilet longer and this is another cause of hemorrhoids. Most people believe that it’s only the strain from the constipation that can apply pressure to those veins.

But having long term diarrhea can also cause hemorrhoids to develop. People who are overweight, and especially obese people, will find that hemorrhoids occur because of the amount of force that extra weight places on those veins.

How to Cure Hemorrhoids – What Causes Hemorrhoids?


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Being pregnant can also make hemorrhoids appear. This is caused because of the pressure as the baby grows. Usually, the condition doesn’t appear until about the sixth month.

Many women also experience pregnancy related constipation, which adds to the chance of developing hemorrhoids. Your diet can also be a contributing factor to the reason why you get hemorrhoids.

People who don’t eat enough foods that are high in fiber can struggle to eliminate. As you grow older, you can get hemorrhoids because the area of your anus and rectum will lose their elasticity.

If you do have hemorrhoids, you shouldn’t ignore them because they can lead to conditions such as anemia due to blood loss. Even a small amount of blood loss on a regular basis can cause a depletion in your red blood cell count.

Most people know right away whether or not they have hemorrhoids, but the symptoms are common. One of the most often recognized signs of the condition comes after a bowel movement when you see blood that’s brighter than normal.

If the hemorrhoids are large, you’ll feel pain as pressure is placed against them during a bowel movement. You might experience pain, itching and a feeling of rawness even when you’re not in the bathroom.

If you do think that you have hemorrhoids, there’s never a need to let yourself suffer when you can easily find products that offer quick relief and healing.

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