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Adult Learning Grant

Statistics show that more and more older adults are seeking a higher education. These are people who may have been out of school for years. Now they want to pick up a few college credits to improve their job performance, or get a degree and completely change their careers. When they were younger, they would […]

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Three Key Success Factors

That goes without saying, every one of us have different goals we would like to achieve. Yet, because of the constant barrage of challenges that head our way, we often find ourselves struggling to finally attain all our dreams and aspirations. Yet, this is something that can be overcome. Nothing is impossible, as the saying […]

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What is Self-Talk?


Do you know that inner voice that always seems to be going? It is constantly “telling” you what you should do, what you might do, and reflecting on things you have already done. It evaluates what you do while you’re doing it, providing opinions and suggesting possible ramifications and outcomes. This is one type of […]

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Goal Setting Tips For Improved Living

For successful goal setting, there are many things to be put into consideration. Pursuing something, you would consider rather important in your life means that you will have to do a lot of research and groundwork as to how you can successfully achieve every ambition you have set out for yourself. Spending a whole lot […]

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What Is Goal Setting

There are many people in the world who would often admit that they lack direction in their lives. They may attempt to achieve something, which they would initially consider as important, but somewhere along the way, they would veer off-course. One would then eventually realize that he or she zigs instead of zags, and this […]

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