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Choosing Happiness


It is totally in your hands to make it happen now. Many people search their whole lives for happiness. For some, this search becomes endless, resulting in doubt that the attainment of happiness can ever be achieved. Part of the problem might be that you are searching outside of yourself. Happiness is not found anywhere […]

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Motivation fills your life with Miracles

miracles still happen

Our experiences leave us jaded and cynical, oftentimes dragging others down with us along the way. Though we do not want to be this dark and despondent person, we just cannot help it at times. The pain we have endured is just too unbearable to let go. Then we notice, nothing good ever happens to […]

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Why Can Music Make Us Feel Happy or Sad?

music in starkly different ways

How is it that music can lift or lower your mood? What is it about certain notes and sounds that directly affect how you are feeling, either happy, neutral or sad? How was it that, in just a few seconds, hearing your favorite song can move you from depression to happiness? More importantly, how can […]

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7 Reasons Why You Fail to Meet Your Goals

achieving your goals

From losing weight to launching a business, people often fail to realize their goals. In many cases these goals are attached to lifelong dreams that an individual is very passionate about. So why is it so difficult to achieve your goals? Why do you see other people realizing their dreams right and left, while you […]

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Adult Learning Grant

Statistics show that more and more older adults are seeking a higher education. These are people who may have been out of school for years. Now they want to pick up a few college credits to improve their job performance, or get a degree and completely change their careers. When they were younger, they would […]

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