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Vegetarian Lifestyle – Cooking for Everyone

Everyone in the family can benefit from a diet high in vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds with little to no animal protein and fats. Some people chose a vegetarian lifestyle because of political reasons, others because of religious reasons and still others are animal activists. Social, economic and health reasons round out the motivations that […]

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Are Low Carb Diets Healthy?

Spicy Ribs

Low carb diets have lots of appeal but are also very controversial. The promise of being able to lose weight rapidly and boost your health while still enjoying many of the foods you already eat sounds almost too good to be true. However, some people believe that low carb diets are dangerous and can have […]

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A Guide to the Best Plant-Based Milk Alternatives

dairy milk

Are you considering a plant-based milk alternative? If so, you probably understand the dangers of dairy. Once upon a time (in the unfortunately not too distant past) you were told to get several servings of dairy each day. At least a couple of generations were raised on the “milk is good” nutrition attitude that has […]

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Nature’s Perfect Food – An Anatomy of Amaranth


Many of life’s perfections are created and found in nature. Beautiful gems, medicines and perhaps most importantly, food and water, are found in nature ready and waiting for us to come and harvest them. Amaranth is one such food cultivated by nature to be highly nutritious, versatile, and chocked full of health benefits for both […]

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Your Best Food Choices To Prevent Cancer

prevent cancer

Far too many lives are negatively impacted, or taken too soon by a wide variety of dangerous and relentless cancers. Scientists are hard at work trying to discover the cure to this deadly disease, and all its different varieties butcancer in the meantime, is there anything we can do differently in our diets to prevent cancer? […]

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Shopping On A Diet

Dieting is difficult enough without running out the grocery store and being faced with the temptation of processed foods, candies, sweets and tastes. There are some great ways of decreasing your temptation while shopping on a diet and improving your chances of leaving the store without a bag of Cheeto’s under one arm and the […]

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10 Reasons To Drop Sugar From Your Diet

sugar from your diet

A few years back, we were told to cut back on salt. Then, we were told to cut back on sugar because researchers linked it to obesity, type-2 diabetes and a whole wealth of other health problems. In 2016, the general advice is to drop sugar from your diet altogether. This is, of course, tricky […]

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Eating Gluten Free: Medical Conditions And Meal Ideas


Without a doubt, you’ve heard numerous health experts preach about going gluten free. Do you have the slightest clue what gluten is? If you are like most women (especially middle aged and older women), old habits are hard to change. Gluten is found in wheat, and you likely grew up with wheat products around your […]

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The healthy eating pyramid

This pyramid contains no words and is only a graphic representation of what the guidelines might be with each color representing different food groups. In response to MyPyramid, faculty members at the Harvard School of Public Health designed the Healthy Eating Pyramid. It is similar in shape to the US MyPyramid but also takes into […]

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15 Ways To Have A Better Relationship With Food


Those who see food as something pleasurable, will habitually over eat, which also leads to feelings of guilt, shame and regret. Many people simply are not in touch with the key concepts of healthy eating, such as portion control and moderation as these strategies elude those who struggle with weight and proper nutrition. The examples […]

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