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Five of the World’s Most Incredible Body Building Tips

From preparation to nutrition, from core exercise to recovery, these tips are designed to help you reach your body building goals. 1. Before you begin, make sure you are mentally prepared. Despite the fact that you are focused on your physical development, I have found that having the right frame of mind makes all the […]

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How to aerobics

Aerobic classes continue to gain in popularity as the options continue to expand. During most aerobic classes the instructor, or video, incorporates music to improve motivation and energy levels of the participants. The options for aerobics now includes kickboxing, dancing, step, special classes for the elderly or maternity, high impact and low impact. Videos and […]

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Partner exercise for kids

Many parents are concerned about how to get their kids more involved in activities that will help them to get the exercise they need to be healthy. A great way to get children moving is by promoting partner exercise for kids to keep them motivated and to have fun.     Exercise for kids – […]

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How Does Strength Training Help You Lose More Fat?

secret fat loss weapon

A vast majority of women who exercise regularly do not do it to enhance their flexibility, increase strength, or build muscle. They do it to keep their body fat percentage low. But what exactly is the best and most efficient way for women to lose weight? Is it spending as many hours as possible on […]

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Is Exercise Addiction Real?

exercise addiction

We have all seen people who are seemingly obsessed with exercise, diets, and fitness regimes, and sometimes we may wonder if they are over doing it slightly. Does this mean they have an addiction to exercise? Is such a thing real? While it may not be a formally classified mental disorder, it shares many similarities […]

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How to Exercise More If You Really Hate Exercising

Do you hate exercising? Do you think of “exercise” as a 4 letter word? Perhaps you physically cringe when someone mentions a session of yoga, Pilates, stand up paddle-boarding or bicycling they just enjoyed. Guess what? That is a pretty natural reaction for most people. Human beings are intrinsically lazy. If you are comfortably ensconced […]

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Weight lifting over 40

Those are the people who have not done it and have no intention of pushing themselves to limits of muscle failure and long endurance sessions. Weight lifting over 40 is a reality – both for those who have never lifted and those who have been lifting and body building since they were 15. Is it […]

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Core Stability vs Core Strength

core strength

When talking about your core muscles, you might think that the ultimate goal is to make them as strong as possible, just like with working out any other muscle. You also might be hearing people talk about core stability, but might not know exactly what the term means. While the two concepts are related by […]

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5 Components of Physical Fitness

There are five components of physical fitness which insurance companies and trainers measure. These components of physical fitness are important to the overall evaluation of health. It is like fine-tuning a racing engine. You would not add diesel fuel to an engine that requires high octane. When physical trainers measure the fitness of a person, […]

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Baseball weight training program

Even younger athletes can incorporate the use of weight training into their programs with the assistance of a personal trainer who has specific knowledge of weight training and children. In a Baseball weight training program the end goal is not to bulk up or even to use maximal strength. Instead, it is to develop explosive […]

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