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4 Life-Changing Nonphysical Advantages of Staying Active

staying active

Exercise helps keep senior citizens fit physically … and socially, emotionally and psychologically as well. You receive so many advantages when you exercise. Your heart becomes strong and it works effortlessly. It easily pumps oxygen throughout your body, which allows all of your different internal and external systems to work properly. Since all of those […]

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Top 5 Fitness Tips for Seniors

fitness tips for seniors

You know you should exercise regularly, drink lots of water and eat nutritious foods. Those are 3 smart and indispensable fitness tips for seniors. If you are a senior, the following tips provide even more support for a fit and healthy lifestyle. 1. It’s Never Too Late to Start Don’t think that since you have […]

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Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Workouts

choose a workout buddy

You’ve been exercising for a few weeks, and have seen great results, but lately the workouts have lost their pizzazz. You are not losing as much weight as you did when you first started, you have lost your motivation, and really, you are just plain bored. Don’t worry, you are not alone, this can and […]

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Nutrition for active Kids

However, kids who are more active may have higher needs, although those needs are not going to be much more than an extension of a healthy diet plan, which all children should be following. Specific nutrition for active kids will include maintaining a healthy diet, while being sure to get enough nutrients to help their […]

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6 Tips for Brand New Runners

running is a great sport

Running is something that almost everyone can do, but that doesn’t make it easy! Therefore, here are six tips on how to break into the sport of running. Warm and cool down As a beginner, this is extremely important, however, commonly overlooked. But by doing some dynamic stretching and three minutes of walking before, and […]

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Advanced Bodybuilding Routines for Advanced Bodybuilders

advanced bodybuilders

Advanced bodybuilders are an elite group of individuals who have successfully overcome the odds and remained consistent in their training. At this level, almost everyone has already gained quality muscle mass, as well as lost significant amounts of body fat. Their physiques may already be close to their ultimate goals. With a little polish, time […]

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Bodybuilding Routines for Intermediate Bodybuilder

bodybuilding workout for intermediate

At this time, you should already have mastered the basic exercises and strict and proper form for consistent period of 16 to 24 weeks. There are several definitions for the intermediate bodybuilder, but the most important thing is that you should already be prepared to take on bigger challenges and levels of stress that starters […]

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Five of the World’s Most Incredible Body Building Tips

From preparation to nutrition, from core exercise to recovery, these tips are designed to help you reach your body building goals. 1. Before you begin, make sure you are mentally prepared. Despite the fact that you are focused on your physical development, I have found that having the right frame of mind makes all the […]

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How to aerobics

Aerobic classes continue to gain in popularity as the options continue to expand. During most aerobic classes the instructor, or video, incorporates music to improve motivation and energy levels of the participants. The options for aerobics now includes kickboxing, dancing, step, special classes for the elderly or maternity, high impact and low impact. Videos and […]

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Partner exercise for kids

Many parents are concerned about how to get their kids more involved in activities that will help them to get the exercise they need to be healthy. A great way to get children moving is by promoting partner exercise for kids to keep them motivated and to have fun.     Exercise for kids – […]

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