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will acid reflux cause back painIt also causes stress and damage to the intestines and the digestive system if you do not take it seriously.

One thing that you should know about Acid reflux is that this medical condition is treatable.

You have to make sure that as soon as you discover that you are suffering from such condition, you need to do something about it so it can be treated easily.

One question associated with this condition is, can acid reflux cause back pain? To answer the question, here are some things that you might want to check out:

 When acid builds up in our stomach and begins to travel upwards to the esophagus, a person may feel different sensations and one of which is the feeling of burning pain in the lower abdomen, the mid chest, or behind the breastbone.

Many people consider this sensation, or pain, as heartburn. Because of the pain that is felt on the chest and the abdomen, it would also usually cause pain on your torso and your back. This is when back pain is connected with acid reflux.

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Can Acid Reflux Cause Back Pain?

Dr. Jon Herbert: Causes and Treatments for Acid Reflux and Heartburn

how to deal with back pain


Most of the time, the pain can felt in the stomach, chest and abdomen although it can also radiate into other places, such as the upper back. The pain on the back would usually depend on the severity of your case and if you think that it is recurring, then you need to seek the help of your doctor.

♦ In case you wish to treat such medical condition, the best way to do is to see a doctor. The doctor will examine the patient and find out about the root cause of the reflux so he or she would be able to prescribe the appropriate medications to treat such condition.

When in treatment, you may also wish to follow a healthy diet since it is important for the treatment of your condition. Following your doctor’s advice would surely help you get well a lot sooner.

 Doing stretching exercises can also help in terms of alleviating the pain. Make sure that you do not overdo your exercise routines so as to avoid straining your back. Asking help from professionals regarding the best exercise routines for your condition would also help.

Acid reflux resulting to back pain is definitely curable as long as you make sure that the moment you feel something, you immediately do something about it before it is too late.

Next time people would ask you the question, can acid reflux cause back pain, and you definitely know what to tell them and you can also share the information, which you have learned in this article so as to help them deal with it.

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