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Body Composition Test

As Richie starts his 1 year journey to lose 140kg he sees a professional to get a body composition test & find out his true ‘bio-age’…
A journey that you don’t want to miss. 52weeks to lose 140kg / 308lb’s / 22st

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My name is Richie Nuttall, and i weigh 270kg / 594lb’s / 42st

I have made a commitiment to lose (140kg / 308lb’s / 22st) over the next year.
Every week ill post a video to update you on my progress and what i have done over the week, to lose that weight.
You see how i TRAIN and what i EAT.

Not only doing this for my self, but for any one else who is out there that NEEDS to lose weight. I hope to be a source of inspiration to you – to get people out there to lose WEIGHT with me.
We are not alone… SO JUMP ON BOARD. FOLLOW MY JOURNEY & lets see how the next 52weeks unfold!

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