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They would want to be much better employees for their companies, be good family members and be able to achieve all the goals they have set for themselves.

Yet, all it takes is a step in the right direction.

That direction often leads people to actually take note of the areas in their personalities and behaviors, which may need some improvement.

There is no shortage of improvement gurus and guides to be found, but if you were looking for a bunch of self improvement books to help you out in your efforts to be a better person, perhaps you would find the following choices rather remarkable:
Now, Discover Your Strengths  – this book simply states that a leader who is successful needs to devote utmost concentration and focus on the areas of his life which he considers as strengths.

These strengths should be prioritized, simply because you are able to do things properly with them, and that always works. Included in the book is a self-administered test that readers can take.

This test is simply a survey which helps you identify the things you’re good at, thus defining who you are as a person and how you can be a leader in your own respective way.


The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow – this book provides many details on how one can become effective in his or her leadership skills.

It is all about building and developing one’s character, and with character, one can incorporate all the other things that would lead to success in life. The leadership skills of a person are what define the success and failures of his goals, as stated in the book.

Therefore, this is considered as an essential guide for anyone who is placed in a spot of leadership and wants to know how to become much better in the portrayal of his or her role as such.


The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers: The Guide for Achieving Success and Satisfaction (Crown Business Briefings) – This is one of the many self improvement books that can help a person utilize his unique traits and skills in the most advantageous manner.

It highlights points on taking risks without having to be so dependent on decisions made by other people. There are several aspects in a person’s life, which are unique to him or her alone, and these aspects can be used in order to make a good impression upon others.

It also pushes them to become much better at what it is they do. If you are looking for a good read on how to be successful in a leadership role, this is certainly something you should check out.


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