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hemorrhoid treatmentsIt’s not fun to have to go to the doctor for treatment of hemorrhoids.

Not only that, it can be expensive if you have to see a gastroenterologist.

While going to the doctor is certainly an option, there’s a less embarrassing, much less expensive choice that you can do right at home to treat your hemorrhoids.

The hemorrhoid treatments can not only eliminate the pain, but can take care of the swelling and itching as well.

If you’re currently experiencing pain and itching due to hemorrhoids, take a sitz bath because warm water can help ease the pain.

Put a small amount of warm, not hot water, in your tub or a portable plastic tub and sit down in it. You’ll want to sit for at least 10 minutes each time and try to do it once in the morning and once in the evening.

The warmth from the water helps reduce the swelling. After you have a bowel movement, make sure that you’re not using anything that can irritate the hemorrhoids such as using rough tissue.

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With hemorrhoids, always use soft toilet paper. When you bathe or shower, make sure that you’re not using any soaps or bath washes because many of these can contain ingredients that can irritate hemorrhoids.

Make sure after bathing that the area is completely dry since moisture can irritate hemorrhoids. After the area is clean and dry, you can treat it with ointment or creams that are known to give relief for the condition.

You’ll want to make sure that these treatments are specifically labeled as helping to treat hemorrhoids. To use these, you simply apply them directly to the area. As with any area of the body, when hemorrhoids swell, it can increase the level of pain that you experience.

In order to bring that swelling down, you can use ice. You can either buy a small ice pack or use a sandwich bag. Crush a little bit of ice, put it in the bag, then put the bag against the area.

It can also be helpful to take medications such as ibuprofen which are known to not only help cut out pain but can also help with any inflammation you might have. If you’ve been wearing tight fitting clothing against the area, you’ll need to avoid that until the hemorrhoids are better.

Choose underwear that allows good air flow to the area such as ones that are made with cotton. You can also change the way that you do things so that you can treat your hemorrhoids.

Don’t strain when you’re on the toilet. If you do find that you’re not eliminating easily, you need to add more fiber to your diet. Up your water intake. When your body isn’t hydrated enough, it can make stool harder to pass.

Make sure that you’re physical. Exercising helps prevent constipation that can trigger hemorrhoid flare ups. If you are currently experiencing the uncomfortable pain from hemorrhoids, make sure that you sit on something soft, especially if you have the kind of job where you’re sitting for long periods of time.

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