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Beauty Tips for a Younger YouIf we all could look like a twenty-year old forever, we would do anything to achieve that desire.

Of course, that is just not possible, unless, of course, if the fountain of youth were to become real.

To look young, we have options available for us right now.

Each one of those choices involves either a lot of money or tons of hard work.

If we do not want to spend much of our time and resources on it, it also helps to learn about the proper makeup techniques.

Makeup does wonders to your looks, and here are just a few things you should know. First of which is the type of bronzer you use on your skin.

No matter your age, every woman needs one. It provides a great base for the makeup you put on. With the right shade, you can have that youthful glow back on your face. Mix a bit into your foundation so that your face comes alive.

Beauty Tips: As for your eyes, make sure that you steer clear of liquid liners

Pencil liners are so much better, and instead of a black one, try for the ones that come in various shades of brown.

The same concept applies for the mascara. The lighter shade softens your eyes, making you look younger. For your eye shadow, try to go for the powder-based products. As you age, the wrinkles on your eyelids become more pronounced. The powder will not fall right into the creases, thus giving you a smoother look.

For the blush, make sure to use the ones that are more vivid. The older you are, the paler you will look. Brush on more neutral tones with a great applicator. Get brushes that are reliable and use them for every product you will purchase.


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As for the lipstick, make sure that it does not run.

Think cherry and watermelon lip-gloss, the shades that you used when you were young.

Giving your lips a bit of color can do so much for you.

Glosses do not dry your lips out the way lipsticks do

Plus, something about the gloss conjures up sexy pictures of your lips.

As for your crowning glory, you should keep in mind that darker can look harsher.

Soften your hair to make your face look more gentle-looking. Add more dimensions to it with highlights and always make sure to keep it looking soft.

If you want to make the entire look more natural and youthful, there is nothing like diet and exercise.

feel good about yourselfThe proper lifestyle is the best course of action. Avoid smoking and drinking too much.

And while cosmetics do really help you, these should not be your only solution.

If you feel good about yourself on the inside as well as out, you will be able to reflect that feeling in your everyday actions.

Beauty Tips: Lastly, you need to always stay positive

You can be your own harshest critic. Look at your image in the mirror with pride and let other people know that you are a confident woman.

Looking and feeling good work best when they go hand in hand. Age? It is just a number after all.

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