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You gotta love baechu kimchi! And if you do, then you would surely like this easy baechu kimchi recipe.

Who knew you can totally make baechu kimchi at home? This baechu kimchi recipe is great right after it’s mixed and stays good the longer it sits on the refrigerator.

The Taste of Korea – Baechu Kimchi

low carb receipe


At about a month, you’ll have perfectly aged kimchi which you can use  for appetizer or bibimbap! Yum!

What You’ll Need:
• 3 lbs napa cabbage (use smaller heads since this baechu kimchi will not be chopped up)
• ½ to 1 cup Korean red pepper flakes (make sure you use the Korean variety because western red pepper flake turns dark brown during fermentation and is very hot)
• 1 apple (any kind)
• 1 big bunch scallions
• 2 thumb size pieces of ginger
• Half a cup of rock salt (use only ¼ cup if using table salt)
• 1 whole garlic bulb
• ¼ cup fish sauce (use half a tablespoon of salt if you don’t want to use this ingredient)
• 6 cups or more of water

Let’s Make Some Baechu Kimchi
Baechu Kimchi 1. Because baechu kimchi uses either whole or halved heads of napa cabbage, it is best to choose smaller ones, less than a pound per head.





Baechu Kimchi 22. Slice the napa cabbage in half. Leave the core intact.






Baechu Kimchi 33. In a big basin/container, dissolve the half a cup of salt in the 6 cups of water and soak the napa cabbage in it. Make sure the cabbage are really ubmerged. Leave the cabbage like this for about 2-3 up to 6 hours.

Baechu Kimchi 44. After the soaking in salted water, rinse the cabbage twice and make sure they are well drained.

They would still be crunchy but are obviously wilted. The perfect baechu kimchi consistency!




Baechu Kimchi 55. Prepare the baechu kimchi paste. You can do this on a blender or a food processor.





Baechu Kimch6. Simply blend/process together the white parts of the scallions, the apple, the fish auce, garlic, and ginger.

It will look like pureed apple.




Baechu Kimchi 77. Mix the Korean red pepper flakes with the pureed mixture.

Start with only half a cup of the red pepper flakes and add more if you want more heat.




Baechu Kimchi 88. Mix in the green parts of the scallions. It will feel like mashed potatoes.





Baechu Kimchi 99. Spread the paste in between the leaves of the napa cabbage, making sure every little bit has some of the paste.





Baechu Kimchi 1010. Place in a canning jar with the lid unscrewed. Tightly pack together and allow to sit on the counter for a day to jumpstart the fermentation process then keep in the fridge.




The baechu kimchi will begin tasting really great at about 12-24 hours if you’re from a warm climate but if you’re from a cold region, it will taste best at around 3 days to 3 weeks.

Always refrigerate your baechu kimchi! Enjoy!

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