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How To Alleviate  Back Pain Well here are some tried and tested steps on how to alleviate lower back pain. You can try these steps to see if your back pain will be minimized or go away.

Resting – resting is one of the first things that many back pain sufferers should try. Resting allows their back muscles, often the common source of back pain to rest and recuperate from a very grueling physical activity.

Resting can also minimize the pain you feel from your back pain because your affected back muscles are not weighted down by your upper body. Resting will also ensure that your back pain will not get any worse.

Any muscle that is already overused and very tired will only get worse if you continue using it. Because of this, resting is the most effective treatment for many minor cases of back pain all over the world. Many doctors actually prescribe only bed rest for many cases of back pain.


Stretching is also another great way to help alleviate back pain. Stretching is your body’s natural reflex whenever it feels any tired muscles. You can definitely notice this in your arm muscles.

Whenever your arm muscles are tired, you have this immediate urge to stretch them in order to feel a little relief. If you feel any back pain from tired and taut muscles, a few backstretches can definitely loosen up the kinks and knot in your back.

How To Alleviate Lower Back Pain


how to deal with back pain

Aside from this, stretching your back before doing any grueling physical activities like lifting heavy objects and climbing up a steep hill can also minimize the back pain that you might feel after the activity.

Stretching may seem too simple for many people but it cannot be denied that it can really help alleviate many cases of back pain.

Mentholated ointments

Mentholated ointments like Ben Gay creams are also very effective in alleviating back pain.

Creams that contain camphor and menthol are used by many people to help alleviate all kinds of muscle pain. Sports teams, athletes and laborers all over the world apply these creams to their muscles every time they feel any pain due to hard work.

If you suffer back pain due to overworked back muscles, applying these creams generously on the affected areas can definitely help minimize your pain.

Taking over the counter pain medication

Over the counter pain medicines like Ibuprofen are definitely one of the most popular ways on how to alleviate back pain.

If you take it at the right dosage, Ibuprofen can definitely help alleviate many cases of back pain.

However, you should make sure that if the back pain persists after taking Ibuprofen, you must go consult a doctor as soon as possible.


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