Is Back Pain A Sign Of Labor?

is back pain a sign of labor

However, lots of people, especially pregnant women, ask the question “is back pain a sign of labor?”, since they want to know if it is time for them to go to the hospital when they are already due and experience pain in the back. Women who are about to give birth experience lots of pain in different parts of their bodies; and, one of which is at their back. Although back pain is really not uncommon when pregnant women have contractions, they are bothered more of the lingering pain in the back even after the contraction is gone. Through research, it is said that this type of pain occurs to about 25 percent of labors and childbirths. There are a number of possible causes that can cause back pain during labor. However, one of the causes that lots of doctors think about is the position of the baby inside the mother’s womb. This type of position that can cause back pain to the would-be mother is usually called Occiput Posterior Position, which is also referred to by doctors as OP. In the OP position, the baby is said to be facing the pubic bone of the mother. When the baby is positioned like this, the harder part of his skull is actually resting on the bony part of his mother’s spine, which causes the pain. Thus, when the mother is experiencing pain in the back during labor, a doctor may prescribe certain methods to get the baby to change positions. Aside from the position of the baby though, the position of the mother during labor can also cause back pain. The good news though is that, most of the methods that are used to let the baby change his position will not make mothers feel uncomfortable when they are being applied. Is Back Pain A Sign Of Labour Starting – Relieve It In fact, some women in labor would actually feel good while they are applied. Some of the methods that can be followed when it comes to this would include Counter Pressure, Pelvic Tilts, Hands and Knees, and other tools. It is best to go with the doctor’s recommendation though on what type of method should be applied, to be on the safe side. If you are accompanying your wife at the hospital and she is feeling intense back pain during labor, it is best that you make the doctor aware of it, so that proper measures are observed. Aside from that, you should also take note of some steps on how to comfort your wife while in labor, so as to alleviate the pressure that she is experiencing. Some of the things that you can do is to apply cold compress at her neck or face, help her change positions, and use a heat pad to her lower back.  So is back pain a sign of labor? Yes it is; therefore, it is best that you have already prepared all the things for the birth of your child, […]

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Weight loss week 3

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  WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION – Week 3 A journey that you don’t want to miss. 52weeks to lose 140kg / 308lb’s / 22st “Like” /!/RichiesS4H My name is Richie Nuttall, and i weigh 270kg / 594lb’s / 42st I have made a commitiment to lose (140kg / 308lb’s / 22st) over the next year. Every week ill post a video to update you on my progress and what i have done over the week, to lose that weight. You see how i TRAIN and what i EAT. Not only doing this for my self, but for any one else who is out there that NEEDS to lose weight. I hope to be a source of inspiration to you – to get people out there to lose WEIGHT with me. We are not alone… SO JUMP ON BOARD. FOLLOW MY JOURNEY & lets see how the next 52weeks unfold! Source     Watch also Weight Loss – MOTIVATION WEEK1   Watch also WEIGHT LOSS – Week 2    

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How To Treat Back Pain

how to treat back pain

This is something that needs to be taken seriously. The thing is, back pain is usually caused by different factors and as a result of which many people are looking for ways on how to treat back pain.     Here are some tips that might help you treat back pain problems: Sleeping in one position can sometimes cause back pain which is why it is advised that you sleep in a very comfortable position.   You might want to try lying on your side and make sure that you have a pillow in between your knees since this can help deal with back pain.   If you are used to lie on your back, then putting a pillow under your knees would work best.   Strengthening exercise are said to help in treating back pain. By doing this exercise routine, you would be able to allow yourself to stretch and in case there are some ligaments that are strained, by stretching properly, you are doing something to treat your back pain.   Make sure that you have your trainer with you to assist you in doing some stretching routines.   Nonprescription medications such as naproxen, aspirin and ibuprofen are also popular choices that could help you relieve back pain.   These medications offer short term relief but make sure to consult your doctor regarding the proper dosage of these medicines in order to avoid the risks of ulcer and some other gastrointestinal problems.   Another product that is also popular in terms of providing relief are topical agents or topical analgesic that contain menthol that offers a cooling effect which can provide you with some sort or numbness once you apply it in affected areas.    Acupuncture is something new but there are people who are trying it out since it also offers some sort of relief. You might want to try it out and find out if it can really help in terms of alleviating your back pain.    Lastly, if you back pain problem is not getting well despite any of the tips provided, and then you may want to consult a physical therapist, a chiropractor or a surgeon in order to discuss further therapies or in worst cases, surgery that could definitely put a stop to your back pain. How to Treat Back Pain with Stretching These are some of the tips that you might want to consider if you want to know how to treat back pain. These treat back pain tips have worked well for some and in case trying it out did not help you in any way in terms of providing relief, and then it is best that you consider the last tip, which is to visit your doctor for further advice.  

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  WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION – Week 2 A journey that you don’t want to miss. 52weeks to lose 140kg / 308lb’s / 22st “Like” /!/RichiesS4H My name is Richie Nuttall, and i weigh 270kg / 594lb’s / 42st I have made a commitiment to lose (140kg / 308lb’s / 22st) over the next year. Every week ill post a video to update you on my progress and what i have done over the week, to lose that weight. You see how i TRAIN and what i EAT. Not only doing this for my self, but for any one else who is out there that NEEDS to lose weight. I hope to be a source of inspiration to you – to get people out there to lose WEIGHT with me. We are not alone… SO JUMP ON BOARD. FOLLOW MY JOURNEY & lets see how the next 52weeks unfold! Source     Watch also Weight Loss – MOTIVATION WEEK1    

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How To Stop Back Pain

experience back pain

In one way or another most of us would feel experience back pain at some point in our lives. This does not need to be an issue anymore since there are genuine back pain reliefs that are available. This is why a lot of people are in search for the best for the treatment or medication that could put a stop to their back pain. Here are some things that you might want to consider on how to stop back pain: ♦ Most holistic practitioners as well as chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists and others who use natural healing modalities offer their services to those who wish to deal with their back pain. Rather than look at only one part of the body or one symptom, they look into the whole being to discover the root cause of ailment and how to treat it. ♦The physical aspects of the body are taken into account as well as the nervous system to make sure that experts would be able to provide the best treatment that could put a stop to back pain. ♦ Your diet can also sternly influence lower back pain. This is a current illness in general which can be caused by processed foods. ♦ There are too many possible chemical causes of back pain but in most instances, getting the chemical reason usually indicates therapy alternatives for natural back pain relief. ♦ This is why you really need to be careful and be watchful of your diet. As much as possible, try to avoid processed foods and try to have a balanced meal. ♦ Physically, an accident, a tumble or merely sleeping crooked can knock joints out of alignment. There is one chiropractic train of thought that believes that illness is caused by the spine being out of alignment. If the problem is physical, then simple physical adjustments are all that is required. Experience Back Pain ♦ One thing that could also cause back pain is our emotions. Stressful emotions can get stuck in the body as emotional components. Most of the emotional components often affect the mind thereby triggering muscles to tighten which tug on the bones causing joints to move slightly out of alignment. If you feel stressed or if you have problems to deal with, it might be a big help if you share it with someone or talk with a psychologist to get advice on how to cope with stress or deal with some of your problems. Knowing how to stop back pain is very important so you would be able to know the things that could causes it and what steps you need to take in order to alleviate the pain.  

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Motivating Yourself and Others

motivation yourself

You have to let go of destructive thoughts, otherwise, you end up becoming that negative person that no one wants around. Of course, it is perfectly normal to have doubts. But regularly assuming the worst is already a problem. You already set your mind to thinking that things will never work to your favor, and you subconsciously sabotage your chances for true happiness. Being overly confident is not smart either. Thinking that it’s in your fate to do something great can make your forego all the efforts to truly achieve what you want. Do not pin your hopes to only one thing and know that it is better to work hard to get what you want. People will respect you more when they see that you are working just as hard as they do. Yes, you may be a natural at something, but you never assume that your talents will work for you all the time even when you do not try hard enough. When things backfire, you can really bruise your ego and hurt your self-esteem. You have to plan for your future and anticipate what could happen. There is always something to worry about, and if you think that life is a bed of roses, you are gravely mistaken. Of course, this is also not to say that you become a pessimist. It simply means that you have to plan for every possibility but also know that you have to take risks if you ever want to achieve anything.   Believe in yourself but do not be boastful, trust in your abilities but never be complacent If you want to be that person who inspires others to follow in your footsteps, earn their respect. Should you find yourself managing people under you, never use fear to motivate them. People may follow your advice when they fear you, but they can also just as easily betray you. Why? Because they never liked you to begin with. Some people will actually jump at the chance to put you in your place once they know that they can gain power over you. How to Motivate Yourself and Others To inspire others to be just as excellent, you have to give them a sense of purpose. Make them understand how valued they are and that the goal can only be achieved when everyone works together. So when you feel that the energy is leaning towards the negative, take a step back and try to see the entire picture. Just as you are working towards achieving your dreams, so are the others. Ask help when needed and extend your services to the others as well. You become a more motivated person when you know that the others are rooting for you. Should you commit a mistake, these people will be there to immediately help you pick up the pieces. To get kindness, you have to give it. Be that person who cheers for their peers when they achieve success. Never be jealous of […]

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Low back pain muscle pull


Low back pain can be caused from osteoporosis changes, disc degeneration, muscle strains and sprains and overuse injuries from lack of strength. The muscles of the low back give the power and strength for activities we take for granted every day, such as standing, walking and lifting. The ligaments of the low back act to provide support and stability. The most common to the athlete and young person is the low back pain muscle pull from athletic activities or twists and turns in other activities. Other common reasons are trauma and muscle imbalances. The latter also have a negative impact on posture and alignment of the pelvis sometimes causing a curvature of the spine. This misalignment will increase the strain on the joints and muscles in the back causing low back pain muscle pulls. An important factor to remember is that baring a significant traumatic injury these types of muscle pulls or injuries do not happen overnight. You may feel the symptoms quickly but the condition developed over time as the muscles, ligaments and joints in your back became weakened from the misalignments. A sprain of the lower back, or muscle pull, can happen when a sudden forceful movement injures a ligament that is weak through poor conditioning or overuse. The most common reasons for lower back muscle pulls are poor conditioning, improper use of the back muscles, obesity and smoking. Another process that affects the strength of the lower back is the aging process. Although you cannot halt this process, you can slow the changes through regular exercise, avoiding smoking, knowing the proper way to use your back when lifting or exercising and proper nutrition to feed your back the proper nutrients to build strong muscles. People who suffer lower back pain muscle pulls have distinctive pain that results from the muscle and ligament stiffness and tenderness. When there is not obesity present, an examination may also reveal swelling and heat. Exercises for Lower Back Muscle Strain The pain often limits the ability of sufferer to move smoothly, walk straight and get up and down from chairs or a bed. Treatment of your lower back muscle pull begins with diagnosis by your doctor or orthopedic surgeon. Your doctor will use a thorough history and examination to determine the extent of the injury and what rehabilitation will be recommended. If your doctor suspects that your muscle pull or ligament damage also involves joints or disc degeneration he may order an MRI to determine the extent of the damage and recommend the correct rehabilitation.   Treatment of a lower back pain muscle pull is sometimes begun with bed rest However, a Finnish study showed that those who started treatment with bed rest over 3 days had backs that were stiffer, had less flexibility and had a longer recovery period than those who did not use bed rest at all. Your doctor will also order anti-inflammatory medications to help decrease the inflammation and speed the ability of the muscle to heal, as […]

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Vegetarian Lifestyle – Cooking for Everyone


Everyone in the family can benefit from a diet high in vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds with little to no animal protein and fats. Some people chose a vegetarian lifestyle because of political reasons, others because of religious reasons and still others are animal activists. Social, economic and health reasons round out the motivations that are common for choosing a vegetarian lifestyle. Most vegetarians eat no animal flesh at all; no red meat, no fish, no fowl and no game. Some vegetarians will eat eggs and dairy products while others will eat neither. How you make your meals will depend upon a variety of vegetables that range in color and texture. You want to include high quality oils, sea salts and organic foods. When you are cooking, you do not want to substitute textured vegetable protein, such as tofu or tempeh, for meat in your meals. There are recipes that use those proteins in the meal and the meal is designed for them. Cooking is chemistry in the kitchen. In other words, mixing foods together is really the same as mixing chemicals in the lab together – there is a specific mixture that will produce excellent results. Using high quality contents makes for delicious meals. Substituting textured vegetable proteins for meat in recipes that require meat only leads to poor tasting meals using a high cost product. Most families also enjoy pastas. Your cooking can include whole grain pastas and spaghettis. Using whole grain pasta, and not whole wheat pasta, will make an improvement in the food you eat and your health. Add plenty of vegetables to increase the fiber content of the meal and reduce the calorie intake. One recipe with pasta can include lots of vegetables tossed with a good flavored olive oil that was sautéed with garlic. Pizzas are a wonderful addition to your recipe arsenal. Diced tomatoes, olive oil or red sauce and quick sautéed vegetables will tempt your taste buds. Cheese is actually optional on pizza!   But your Vegetarian Lifestyle do not stop there Chinese foods can be very healthy when you steer clear of the fried foods and the dishes that feature noodles. Stick with the sautéed vegetables. Do you have a favorite sauce? You can request that sauce over your favorite vegetables – hold the meat please! Vegetarian Lifestyle: Spare the Animals When you are cooking your meals, you also have children to consider. As vegetarian diets are becoming more popular, several good vegetarian cookbooks have been written specifically to meet the caloric and nutritional needs of children. Salads and cooked vegetables will not meet the needs of your children. But a properly balanced vegetarian diet will. When you are a vegetarian, cooking for everyone in your family, you may have a bit more planning to do but the end results are definitely worth the effort. You and your family are healthier and more energetic. You can face the world with more energy than you have ever had!  

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Weight Loss Motivation

weight loss motivation

Because today’s nutrition includes too much fat, too much sugar, and too many processed foods, more people are also worried about their weight and working on a weight loss program. Motivation to continue to lose weight often starts out in high gear and quickly goes downhill. People are often motivated many times in their lives to lose weight, but keeping the motivation seems to be the problem. Psychologists understand that to maintain a high level of motivation you need positive feedback and a support mechanism. After an initial fast weight loss for most weight loss programs or supplements, people are often left tired, hungry and either at a plateau of weight loss or losing minimal amounts of weight each week. This decreases the level of motivation needed to maintain weight loss and the client is left high and dry. (1) Weight loss success will be higher with both positive feedback and a strong support mechanism. Positive feedback comes from positive movement toward your goal.   Your support person also can be a motivating force to keep you on track and help to keep your weight loss motivation high Failure happens when we diet. The definition of a diet is to deprive yourself of specific foods you believe keep you from losing weight. Those feelings of deprivation will lead to decreased weight loss motivation and ultimate failure. Diets have come to be associated with hunger, fatigue, and deprivation. However, you are not alone! Many people are on that roller coaster. Stop the cycle and fix the problem by first understanding that you are changing your eating habits for life and not developing a quick start diet. This is not a ‘diet”. You are learning how to put your body into a burning mode as opposed to a starvation mode.  

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